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    OS management consulting is one of the leading platforms for acquiring various business-related services and finding a suitable job for you. We have been outstandingly the best employment and business-related service provider. Our Well experienced and highly professional staff have brought remarkable positive changes to our clients. Our Staffs put all possible efforts to resolve the issues of our clients. And, our agency has been bringing positivity out of the negativity. We have been serving our clients for the last three years. And, the satisfaction that our clients get here is outstanding with 100% result. Whether you are a job seeker looking for a job or have a business, we offer you some advanced services to ensure your success.

    We have been serving our clients since 2016. We always ensure to provide on-time services with the best quality and under the budget. But there are millions of other reasons as well that why should you choose us.

  • We Are The Hope To Job Seekers.
  • When it has been hard to find a decent job in Delhi NCR, and various fake consultancies making it even worse, then, we the OS Management Consultancy, has been one of the great options of hope. Being one of the leading recruitment firms, we have outstanding records of providing decent jobs to thousands of job seekers. Till present, we have hired more than one lakh employees for various companies. And, as a job consultancy, we get 100% positive response from our clients. And today, the clients we have hired are making a decent income in their respective career arena.

    It does not matter how much or less qualified and experienced you are. But we always have some great career opportunities in well-reputed companies, and with decent salary packages. Therefore, whether you are a fresher, or even an experienced one, and looking for a quality job, don't hesitate to get our support. And our well-experienced employees, take all possible attempts till the client does not get the decent and deserving job.

  • Why Employers And Business Entities Must Choose Us?
  • The primary key behind the success of every business is how skillful, professional and well-experienced it hires. If employees are skilled enough, the company they are working in can make a decent profit even at low investment. But if the employees are not professionally perfect, the company may get into the loss instead of heavy investment. And it is the HR team of any company responsible for selecting the most qualified employees for the company. Therefore, the HR team needs to be well skilled. Large companies and multinationals companies have excellent recruitment teams who conduct multi-level interviews to filter the most qualified candidates.

  • But, What About Smaller Companies!
  • The smaller companies may lack that much investment funds and may hardly afford one HR for the recruitment process. Even some smaller companies don't have a single HR. And, here comes our importance. These companies rely on recruitment agencies like us to recruit the most deserving employees under the budget. And, OS Management Services is master in doing it. Our more than hundred well professional and skillful staffs put all efforts to recruit the perfect employee out of the best ones, and that too under the budget. To date, we have satisfied more than 6000+ employers and companies with our unbeatable recruitment process. And the employees we hired are making a notable positive contribution to the growth of their companies.

    Unlike most other companies, we do not rely on just a few interview questions or traditional practical tests to appoint candidates for any company. But rather than these, we apply modern technologies and methods to filter out the most deserving employee. And, in this regard, we consider various aspects other than skills and experience. Skills and experience are not enough qualities to make an employee the perfect one for any company. But it needs multiple other aspects that include Time Management, customer management, better coordination with other staff, qualities to perform better under pressure, and so on. And here, at OS Management, we test all those qualities to filter out the most deserving employees for any company.

  • We Provide High Standard Compliance Services.
  • Taxation and account-related works may sometimes become a tedious task, especially for newly launched and small-scale companies. However, large companies have a quality specialized accounting team to look into such issues.

    But, things may not be the same for smaller companies and newly launched ones. And, for them, we have been the hope since 2016. We have a highly knowledgeful, hardworking, smart-working, highly professional, and well-experienced accounting team to manage and resolve all your account-related issues in your business. Whether it is to fix various Tax-related concerns or to do the Auditing, or Balance sheet finalization, or even any other account-related works, our team is master in handling all those. And, we ensure to give a satisfying result. Whether it is GST-related issues or the TDS return, or any other accounting works, our professional team can handle all those for you, and that too at budget-friendly pricing.

  • We provide quality Business Legal Advice, Registration, And Certification Services.
  • Running a business does not mean selling products and services only and making all related efforts, but it also includes challenges of legal complexions. And, how much legal-complexion your business may have depends on the size of your business. Therefore, large companies have a specialized legal team to resolve all legal issues related to the company. But, the smaller companies may not afford so. Therefore, most of the time, they either collapse soon, or they may not have the proper growth without proper legal preparations.

    But now, we are here to help those small businesses with such issues. We have a well-experienced legal team to fix all your business-related legal concerns. Our team deals with various legal complications related to your business to rectify them within the time and under your budget. Various Legal complexities we deal in are:-

    1. To get the required legal certification and registration for your business, be it Safety Certification NOC, CII registration, and so on.

    2. We also provide the most effective legal business advice, such as advice related to company laws and labor laws, and so on. Our team makes all possible efforts to keep your business perfect on legal fronts from every side.


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